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Past elections & referendums

In this area you can find a range of information about past elections and referendums in the UK.

This information includes:

  • results of elections and referendums
  • guidance that we issued for those involved in the polls
  • information that we provided to voters in the run-up to the polls

Find out about recent elections

Looking for results of elections held on Thursday 7 May?

Results are declared by the Returning Officer for each constituency.

Results of the UK Parliamentary election are available on our electoral data page.

Results of English local and mayoral elections will be available from each local authority.

Our report on the Scottish independence referendum

The Scottish independence referendum was well run, with high levels of voter satisfaction in the voting process. 

Our report identifies important lessons from Scotland about how to run future referendums successfully, including the expected referendum on further devolution in Wales and a possible referendum on UK membership of the European Union.

Read our full report on the Scottish independence referendum (PDF) 

Elections & referendums