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Upcoming elections & referendums

On this page you can find information about upcoming elections and referendums in the UK.

As a poll approaches, you will be able to find links to information for voters, guidance for electoral administrators and candidates and other important information.

Elections and referendums scheduled to take place over the next three years

Below you can find details of the elections and referendums currently scheduled to take place in the UK over the next three years.  

Thinking of contesting the UK Parliamentary General Election in 2015? 

If you are a political party or prospective candidate thinking about contesting the UK Parliamentary General Election in 2015, we have published factsheets that summarise the spending limits and explain when these limits and rules will apply.

We will add links to further information about each of these elections as it becomes available.

View a list of all local government and mayoral elections taking place in England in 2015 (XLS) 

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UK Parliament

English local government

Mayoral elections

Northern Ireland Assembly

National Assembly for Wales

Scottish Parliament

London Assembly

Mayor of London

English local government

Mayoral elections

Police and Crime Commissioner (England and Wales)

English local government

Mayoral elections 

Scottish local government 

Elections & referendums