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Details of party accounts since 2002

All parties and some accounting units must submit annual statements of accounts to us. We publish parties' statements of accounts online to ensure there is transparency about their income and spending.

Latest updates

  • Statements of accounts with income or expenditure over £250,000 for the year ending 31 December 2014 published


    On 11 August 2015 we published Statements of accounts from political parties with income or expenditure above £250,000 and from parties’ accounting units with income or expenditure over £250,000.

    Find out more in our press release

    Viewing statements of accounts

    You can use the interactive table on this page to view income, expenditure, assets and liabilities for political parties and accounting units.

    You can select either a central party or accounting unit summary by using the tabs. You can also view a summary of registered or de-registered parties across the Great Britain or Northern Ireland registers using the filters.

    Historic statements of accounts can also be viewed on our online database. This allows you to search statement of accounts and view original account documents.  

    View full details of accounts on our database

View headline information from accounts since 2002

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