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Candidates and agents at mayoral elections in England

This page contains all the guidance and resources that you need if you are a candidate or agent at a local authority mayoral election in England.

An overview document gives instructions on how to use this guidance and who does what at these elections.

Part 4

The campaign

This part covers:

  • Campaigning dos and don'ts
  • Using the electoral register and absent voters' lists 
  • Using schools and rooms for public meetings 
  • Imprints on campaign publicity material 
  • The mayoral address 
  • Polling day dos and don'ts 
  • Reporting allegations of electoral malpractice

Part 4: The campaign (PDF)

Part 5

Your right to attend key electoral events

This part covers:

  • Attending the opening of postal votes and what to expect
  • Attending polling stations and what to expect
  • Attending the count and what to expect

Part 5: Your right to attend key electoral events (PDF)

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