Guidance and resources

On this page, you will find all of our guidance and resources for Returning Officers administering a Police and Crime Commissioner election and for those administering a combined Police and Crime Commissioner and local government elections in England.

UK Government has announced plans to bring forward legislation to move the 7 May 2020 scheduled polls to 6 May 2021.

We will make further updates to this page once the legislation is made.

If you want to download emblems for political parties, visit our online database.

Part A

Local Returning Officer role and responsibilities

This part covers:

  • How to use this guidance
  • The local Returning Officer's role, responsibilities, skills and knowledge
  • Our performance standards for local Returning Officers

Part C

Administering the poll

This part covers:

  • The local Returning Officer's role in providing local information to candidates
  • The production of notices, poll cards and ballot papers
  • Polling station voting

PAROs guidance

Guidance for Police Area Returning Officers

This part covers:

  • Police Area Returning Officer's role, responsibilities and knowledge
  • Our guidance and performance standards for Police Area Returning Officers