All local authorities in Great Britain must review their UK Parliamentary polling districts and places at prescribed intervals. We have written guidance on how to conduct one.


Guidance on the review of polling districts and places

This guidance provides a staged approach to conducting a review of polling districts, polling places and polling stations according to the relevant legislative requirements.

Appealing against a review

Some persons and bodies have a right to appeal to us against reviews of polling districts and places, but only on certain grounds.

In Northern Ireland, the polling districts are designated and reviewed by the Secretary of State. There is no right of appeal to us about polling districts in Northern Ireland.

The polling place for each polling district is designated and reviewed by the Chief Electoral Officer for Northern Ireland. There is a right for some persons and bodies to appeal to us against reviews of polling places in Northern Ireland, but only on certain grounds.

Grounds of appeal

Following a review, certain persons have a right to appeal:

  • a parish council (or if there is no such council, a parish meeting) in England or a council of a community in Wales, which is wholly or partly situated within the constituency
  • 30 or more electors in the constituency
  • a person (other than the Returning Officer) who made representations under Schedule A1 to the Representation of the People Act 1983. This includes an elector in a constituency in the local authority's area (or in Northern Ireland, an elector in Northern Ireland) who made representations to the local authority (or to the Chief Electoral Officer in Northern Ireland) during the review
  • a person who is not an elector in a constituency in the authority's area (or in Northern Ireland, a person who is not an elector in a constituency in Northern Ireland) but who we think has either sufficient interest in disabled access to polling places in the area or particular expertise in disabled access to premises and facilities

An appeal can only be made on the grounds that the review was not conducted so as to:

  • meet the reasonable requirements of electors in the constituency
  • take sufficient account of disabled access to polling stations

How to appeal against a review

All appeals can be made directly to us via email, or in writing at the following address:

Legal Counsel

The Electoral Commission

3 Bunhill Row



How we make a decision

We must consult the Returning Officer about any appeal. We may also consult with others. Possible outcomes are that we:

  • require alterations to be made to the polling places included in the review
  • make alterations ourselves if the authority fails to do so within two months of our decision

Current appeals

Latest polling district or place reviews
AuthorityDecision documents
Derbyshire Dales District CouncilAppeal from Curbar Parish Council


Past appeal decisions

Previous appeal decisions
AuthorityDecision dateDecision documents
Woking Borough Council16 November 2016
Elmbridge Borough Council22 June 2016
South Norfolk District Council 7 August 2020

Many of our appeals have been archived. Please contact us if you can't find what you're looking for.