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Running electoral registration

This part of the website is designed to help Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) and their staff in running electoral registration. On this page is our guidance on preparing for and delivering the transition to individual electoral registration.

Individual Electoral Registration (IER) Guidance

Latest updates

  • Guidance on planning for the 2015 canvass


    We have produced guidance to support you in planning for the 2015 canvass. This document is intended to help EROs make decisions about some key planning aspects that are specific to this year’s canvass. It focuses on what EROs will need to consider and do, if they haven’t already done so, in order to be prepared for the particular circumstances of this year’s canvass.

    You can access the document here in English and here in Welsh.

  • May polls 2015: Guidance for Electoral Registration Officers


    We have published a guidance document for EROs for the May polls. The guidance is designed to be used as a check against your plan and risk register, and supports our core guidance for EROs and (Acting) Returning Officers. It can be found here in English and here in Welsh.

  • Democratic engagement resources


    The Cabinet Office has a range of democratic engagement resources for different groups of people and settings. They have been developed in collaboration with a number of national organisations. This includes Rock Enrol!, a resource pack containing four 45-minute interactive lessons that brings to life why young people should register to vote, and an easy-to-read guide to voting and registering to vote.

    You can view the resources here: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/democratic-engagement-resources

Part 1

Preparing for IER

This part covers:

  • IER's key challenges
  • Managing the postponed canvass 2013-2014
  • Planning and resourcing the transition: the confirmation dry-run, drawing up a public engagement strategy and your implementation plan

Part 1 - Preparing for IER (PDF)

Part 2

Registration framework

This part covers:

  • aspects of electoral registration that are not specifically related to the transition to IER, namely eligibility to vote and roles and responsibilities of the ERO

Part 2 - Registration framework (PDF)

Part 3

June to December 2014 (Including 2015 canvass resources)

This part covers:

  • Guidance on the activities EROs will need to undertake from June to December 2014

Part 3 - The transition to IER in 2014/15 (PDF)

Part 4

Maintaining the register throughout the year

This part covers:

  • Guidance for EROs on maintaining the register throughout the year

Part 4 - Maintaining the register throughout the year (PDF)

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