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Election campaign spending

There are rules that control spending by political parties during regulated periods. This page contains guidance on how to comply with the rules, including the forms that you need.

An election for the Northern Ireland Assembly was called on Monday 16 January. The election will be held on Thursday 2 March.

Please note that you may need to read other parts of the guidance as well to ensure that you are aware of all the rules. Read our general campaign spending guidance (PDF).


Party campaign spending

This part covers:

  • The types of election spending
  • The regulated period
  • What campaign spending is
  • Managing campaign spending
  • Splitting campaign spending
  • Recording and reporting spending

Overview of party campaign spending (PDF)

Situations & procedures

UK Parliamentary general election 2015 (GB and NI)

This part covers:

  • rules for political parties contesting the 2015 UK Parliamentary General Election in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Situations & procedures: UK Parliamentary general election 2015 (GB and NI) (PDF)

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