You are able to contact us via our website, email, letter, telephone, Facebook or Twitter.

We operate a public information line to support the public with queries about elections and the regulation of political finance. The legal basis for processing this information is that it is necessary for the performance of our public task as set out in law.

What we may record

When you contact us we may record the following information:

  • name
  • contact details
  • social media handle
  • location
  • details of your query

We will hold this information for one year from the last contact except where there is a regulatory reason for us to retain the information for longer. This may apply to contacts from political parties or electoral administrators.

We may also use a UK-based external contact centre to manage calls and our social media accounts are managed via a third party tool. This service is operated under contracts that are compliant with General Data Protection Regulation and UK data protection legislation.

This information is stored in a customer and contact management system and access to this information is via network controls which ensure that only members of staff that require access have it. This is monitored through audit logs so that we can attribute any changes to the data we hold to a named member of staff and the date of the change is recorded.

Occasionally we may want to share the information you have given us with other organisations. For example, if you are raising an issue about electoral registration processes within a local authority area, we may want to speak to the Electoral Registration Officer at that local authority about this.

In these circumstances, we will minimise the amount of personal data we share and focus on the general facts of your query. We will inform you of any such sharing as soon as possible.

We will respond to any requests for access, rectification, erasure, restriction or objection about this information. Each request will be acted on based on its own merits.

Last updated: 18 June 2019
Next review: 17 June 2020