Everyone should be able to register and cast their vote without facing barriers. They should be able to vote on their own and in secret.

Issues faced by people with a disability

Unfortunately, people with a disability still face problems when going to vote. They don’t always know about their voting rights.

Some do not have the confidence to register or cast their vote, while others face issues when they go to a polling station or vote by post.

Changes we want to see

We’re calling on the UK governments, political parties and those who run elections to make voting more accessible for all.

The government must:

  • make changes to election forms so that they’re easier to understand
  • give people with disabilities more ways to vote
  • change the law so that people with disabilities have more choice on who they can bring to a polling station

Political parties must:

  • make sure their information is easy to read and understand
  • make sure they send their information in good time so everyone can read it
  • publish accessible versions of manifestos at the same time as other versions

People running elections must:

  • make registering to vote and voting more accessible
  • make helplines more accessible. It’s not always clear what people need to do next
  • support anyone who needs help to vote

What's available now

We make sure that everyone can register to vote and that they have a good experience of voting.

We provide accessible information on registering to vote and voting, and easy read guides.

We provide guidance for returning officers to use to make their polling stations accessible.

Find out more about what’s available now for those with access needs

Report on accessibility of elections

In 2017, we published a report about the experiences of people with disabilities at the 2017 general election.

This was our response to the UK government’s call for evidence on how people with disabilities experience registering to vote and voting.

Read the full report