What our Commissioners do

Our Commissioners lead our strategy and set our priorities.

We currently have nine Commissioners, each with different political backgrounds and experience. This ensures broad representation and balanced views. The Speaker's Committee is recruiting for a Commissioner to represent the smaller parties.

Find out more about how our Commissioners are selected.

The role of our commissioners

Our Commissioners form part of the Commission Board, along with our executive team, and:

  • set our overall strategic direction, and ensure we deliver our strategic goals
  • set our regulatory priorities, and monitor our regulatory activity
  • make regulatory or other statutory decisions, if required
  • ensure we use public funds efficiently and effectively, and operate within our limits and to high standards of governance

The appointment of our commissioners

The Speaker's Committee on the Electoral Commission, with membership drawn from MPs within the UK Parliament, oversees the recruitment of electoral commissioners. The candidates for these posts are then approved by the House of Commons and appointed by HM the Queen. The Speaker’s Committee is also responsible for deciding any reappointment of members following a first term of service. 

Forthcoming term ends and recruitment processes are as follows: 

  • Commissioner nominated by smaller parties – currently vacant, recruitment underway
  • Commissioner nominated by third largest party (SNP) - term ends September 2020, reappointment recommended by the Speaker’s Committee
  • Chair of the Commission - term ends December 2020, recruitment of new candidate begins autumn 2020
  • Commissioner with responsibility for Northern Ireland - term ends December 2020, recruitment for new candidate begins autumn 2020
  • Commissioner with responsibility for Scotland - term ends December 2020, under consideration by the Speaker’s Committee
  • Commissioner with responsibility for Wales - term ends March 2021, under consideration by the Speaker’s Committee 

Names and biographies of our commissioners

Last updated: 9 September 2020
Next review: 29 May 2020