Cyfarfodydd allanol y Prif Weithredwr

About our chief executive's external meetings

Mae ein Prif Weithredwr yn cyfarfod â seneddwyr, ASau a grwpiau eraill er mwyn trafod y canlynol:

  • yr hyn rydym yn gweithio tuag ato a'r hyn sy'n bwysig i ni
  • y ffordd y gallwn gydweithio ar y blaenoriaethau a rannwn 
  • ein meysydd arbenigedd a phrofiad

Rydym yn cyhoeddi gwybodaeth am y cyfarfodydd hyn er mwyn i chi weld gyda phwy y mae'r Prif Weithredwr yn cyfarfod, a pham.

2019 meetings


DateAbout the meeting
19 SeptemberLouise Edwards spoke at the Electoral Law Forum seminar, and John Holmes and Bob Posner also attended
18 SeptemberBob Posner, Sue Bruce and Andy O'Neill gave evidence on the Referendums (Scotland) Bill to the Scottish Parliament’s Finance & Constitution Committee
11 SeptemberBob Posner met Jes Ladva, Partner - Local & Central Government at Odgers
10 SeptemberBob Posner, Ailsa Irvine, Craig Westwood and Tom Hawthorn to meet Shadow Cabinet Office Team to discuss the electoral registration feasibility studies
10 SeptemberJohn Holmes and Bob Posner to meet James Cleverly MP, Conservative Party Chairman


DateAbout the meeting
9 AugustBob Posner met Sasha Havlicek, Chief Executive of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue for an introductory meeting and to see if there were any common areas of interest between our two organisations
6 AugustBob Posner met Elizabeth Denham, the Information Commissioner, for an update meeting


DateAbout the meeting
29 JulyBob Posner and Louise Edwards met with Dame Glenys Stacey of the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation as part of their review of online targeting
25 to 26 JulyBob Posner attended the Cambridge Conference on Electoral Democracy. The main theme for this year’s conference was strengthening the capacity of electoral commissions
23 JulyBob Posner and Louise Edwards gave evidence to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee’s inquiry into electoral law
23 JulyBob Posner and Craig Westwood gave evidence to the Exiting the European Union’s enquiry into the progress of the UK’s negotiations on European Union withdrawal
22 JulyBob Posner and Louise Edwards had an introductory meeting with Commander Alex Murray, the Commission’s new contact at the Metropolitan Police Service
16 to 18 JulyJohn Holmes and Bob Posner attended the Four Countries Conference, which included a stakeholder reception, hosted by the UK Electoral Commission at Speaker’s House on the evening of 18 July
9 JulyBob Posner chaired, and Ailsa Irvine attended, a meeting of the Electoral Coordination and Administration Board. The main discussion focused on experiences of the May polls and reflecting on lessons learnt for the future coordination of electoral events


DateAbout the meeting
22 JuneBob Posner and John Holmes met with Jo Swinson MP to discuss European Election issues
20 JuneBob Posner, Craig Westwood and Ailsa Irvine spoke to the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee about electoral law reform 
18 JuneBob Posner and Louise Edwards gave evidence to the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee at their hearing on digital campaigning and payments to parties, especially following the European elections. 
17 JuneBob Posner attended a discussion at the House of Commons hosted by Baiba Braže, Ambassador of Latvia, and Damian Collins MP, Chair of the Digital, Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee ‘Digital interference in elections and democratic processes’


DateAbout the meeting
28 MarchAn update meeting with Brandon Lewis MP, Chairman of the Conservative Party
20 MarchReception at 11 Downing Street with Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation 
18 MarchApproval of Business Plan and Main Estimate with the Speaker's Committee
14 MarchSpeaking at seminar at Electoral Law Forum
8 MarchWorkshop on Board appraisals, with Deloitte's Board Advisory Practice with Association of Chief Executives (ACE) 
6 MarchDiscussion of issues around election spending with Lord Haywood, Lord Kennedy of Southwark, Baroness Kennedy of Cradley, Lord Tyler, Lord Rennard and Lord McInnes of Kilwinning
6 MarchAn update meeting with Chloe Smith MP, Minster for the Constitution, and Gary Cann and John Askew, from the National Police Chief’s Council 
6 MarchAn update meeting with Security Services officials


DateAbout the meeting
20 FebruaryAn update meeting with Chris Flatt, Director of Strategy and Legacy, and Stefano Imbriano, Head of Political Policy, Strategy and Implementation, Northern Ireland Office 
19 FebruaryApproval of Supplementary Estimate with the Speaker's Committee
12 FebruaryAn update meeting with Craig Mackinlay MP
8 FebruaryRegular meeting with Electoral Fraud Reduction and Prevention
national seminar
7 FebruaryRound table ‘The do’s and don’ts of giving evidence to a select committee’, with Margaret Hodge MP, former Chair of the Public Accounts Committee with Association of Chief Executive (ACE)
6 FebruaryIntroductory meeting with Bridget Phillipson MP, spokesperson for the Speaker’s Committee


DateAbout the meeting
30 JanuaryAn update meeting with Charles Kriel, Specialist Advisor to DCMS Select Committee 
28 JanuaryRoundtable ‘Challenges arising from digital campaigning’ with representatives from the Committee on Standards in Public Life, Advertising Standards Authority, UK Statistics Authority, Equalities and Human Rights Commission, Ofcom, Information Commissions Office and the Broadcasters’ Liaison Group
25 JanuaryAn update meeting with Peter Lee, Director of the Cabinet Office's
Constitution Group, and Simon James
8 JanuaryAn update meeting with officials from the Joint Intelligence Agency

2018 meetings

During this time, Claire Bassett was our Chief Executive.


DateAbout the meeting
29 NovemberSeminar on Regulating Digital Campaigning with the Constitution Unit
15 NovemberAn update meeting with Peter Lee, Director of the Cabinet Office’s Constitution Group
14 NovemberBriefing with John Alty, Director General of Trade Policy, Department for International Trade at the Whitehall Industry Group (WIG) Breakfast briefing
13 NovemberEvent discussing the future of political campaigning with Demos and the ICO
13 NovemberAn update meeting with Chloe Smith MP, Minister for the Constitution 
13 NovemberA catch up meeting with Tom Rogers, Electoral Commissioner,
Australian Electoral Commission
8 NovemberEvent with McKinsey: ‘Futurology: the future of public services and how to get from here to there’ with Association of Chief Executives
6 NovemberEvidence to disinformation and fake news inquiry from the House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee
1 NovemberEvent with GatenbySanderson looking at the relationship between Chair and Chief Executive with Association of Chief Executives
1 NovemberA catch up meeting with Rowena Ironside, Non-Executive Director for the Cabinet Office Elections and Registrations Division
1 NovemberMinisterial Round Table to discuss issues raised in stakeholders’ reports on the 2017 with Chloe Smith MP, Minister for the Constitution 


DateAbout the meeting
30 OctoberAn update meeting with National Crime Agency
22 OctoberAn update meeting Darren Hughes, Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society
17 OctoberAn update meeting with Elizabeth Denham, Information
Commissioner Update meeting 
11 OctoberRegular meeting with Wales Electoral Coordination Board
10 OctoberAn update meeting with Bridget Phillipson MP , spokesperson in the House of Commons for the Speaker’s Committee


DateAbout the meeting
3 SeptemberA catch up meeting with Jes Ladva, Head of Government, Odgers Interim


DateAbout the meeting
14 AugustRegular catch up with Peter Lee, Constitution Group Director,
Cabinet Office


DateAbout the meeting
9 JulyFinal report pre-briefing Independent Commission on Referendums
9 JulyAn update meeting with Rowena Ironside


DateAbout the meeting
25 JuneEvidence session at European Parliament Select Committee on Facebook/Cambridge Analytica and the impact on elections
20 JuneMeeting with Mairead Ryan, Assistant Principal Officer, and the Principal Officer and colleagues from Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government Dublin
19 JuneSpeech at event 'Digital Threats to Democracy: Learning from the #Brexit & #8thRef’. Transparent Referendum Initiative hosted
13 JuneRegular meeting with Electoral Advisory and Coordination Board 
13 JuneAn update meeting with  Chloe Smith MP, Minister for the Constitution 
8 JuneSummer conference with Constitution Society
5 JuneRegular meeting with Westminster Parliamentary Parties Panel


DateAbout the meeting
15 MayEvidence session at Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee,
House of Commons
2 to 4 MayPolling station and count observation at local government election


DateAbout the meeting
30 AprilAn update meeting with Jolyon Jackson, Chief Executive, Local
Government Boundary Commission for England
24 AprilLunch with John Atly
17 AprilIntroductory meeting with Brandon Lewis MP, Chairman of the
Conservative Party
17 AprilAn update meeting with Chloe Smith MP, Minister for the Constitution, and Gary Cann, National Police Chiefs' Council
5 AprilAn update meeting with Alan Renwick, Jess Sergeant and Jenny
Watson of the Independent Commission on