Scottish Parliament Political Parties Panel Minutes: 7 June 2019

Meeting overview

Date: 7 June 2019

Time: 11am to 12:50 pm

Who was at the meeting

Scottish Conservatives:

  • Matthew Edmonds (Chair)

Scottish Labour Party: 

  • Lorna Finlayson

Scottish Green Party:

  • John Hardy

Scottish National Party:

  • Scott Martin

Scottish Liberal Democrats:

  • Paul Moat

Scottish Government:

  • Maria McCann (MMcC)
  • Rebecca Whyte (RW)
  • Penny Curtis

Scottish Boundary Commissions:

  • Isabel Drummond-Murray (IDM)

Electoral Management Board for Scotland (EMB):

  • Chris Highcock (CH)

Scottish Assessors Association:

  • Kate Crawford

The Electoral Commission:

  • Alastair Ross, Commissioner
  • Andy O’Neill, (AON) Head of Electoral Commission, Scotland
  • Martin McKeown, (MMcK) Senior Elections & Campaigners Adviser
  • Roisin McDaid, (RMcD) Senior Officer - Political Parties Liaison

Also present:

  • Ethan Young, Inclusion Scotland (EY)
  • Superintendent Pat O’Callaghan, (POC) Police Scotland
  • Chief Inspector Paul Douglas, Police Scotland
  • Sergeant Garry Kelly, Police Scotland

Apologies for absence:

  • Paul Thomson, Senior Policy Adviser, Scotland Office
  • Dame Sue Bruce, Commissioner, Electoral Commission
  • Alastair Morgan, Commissioner, Electoral Commission
  • Pete Wildman, Scottish Assessors Association

Welcome and introductions, apologies

The Chair welcomed those present to the meeting and invited introductions.

Apologies for absence were intimated on behalf of Dame Sue Bruce, Alastair Morgan, Pete Wildman and Paul Thomson.