Scottish Parliament Political Parties Panel minutes: 23 October 2018

Meeting overview

Date: 23 October 2018

Time: 11am

Who was at the meeting

Scottish Liberal Democrats:

  • Paul Moat (Chair)

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party:

  • James Tweedie

Scottish Green Party:

  • John Hardy

Scottish National Party:

  • Scott Martin

Scottish Government:

  • Maria McCann
  • James Newman
  • Liz Ure

Scottish Boundary Commissions:

  • Colin Wilson

Electoral Management Board for Scotland:

  • Chris Highcock

Scottish Assessors Association

  • Kate Crawford

Office of the Secretary of State for Scotland, UK Government:

  • Alastair Noble

The Electoral Commission:

  • Alasdair Morgan, Electoral Commissioner
  • Andy O’Neill, Head of Electoral Commission, Scotland
  • Martin McKeown, Senior Adviser Elections & Campaigners
  • Roisin McDaid, Senior Officer – Political Parties Liaison
  • Lindsey Hamilton, Business Support Officer (Minutes)


  • Dame Susan Bruce, Electoral Commissioner, Scotland
  • Pete Wildman, Scottish Assessors Association (Chair of Electoral Registration Committee)
  • Julie Pirone, Royal Mail
  • Isabel Drummond-Murray, Scottish Boundary Commissions
  • Matt Edmonds, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party
  • Lorna Finlayson, Scottish Labour Party

Welcome and introductions

Paul Moat (PM) welcomed everyone to the meeting and introductions were made.

Andy O’Neill (AON) gave apologies from those unable to attend.