Parliamentary Parties Panel minutes: 4 September 2018

Who was at the meeting


  • Andrew Whyte (AW), Chair of meeting 

Scottish National Party:

  • Scott Martin (SM) 

Conservative Party:

  • Paul Bolton (PB) 
  • Megan Tucker (MT)  

Liberal Democrats:

  • Darren Briddock (DB) 
  • Natalia Villazan (NV) 

Plaid Cymru:

  • Geraint Day (GD)

Democracy Club (for item 1):

  • Joe Mitchell (JM)  
  • Sym Roe (SR) 

Electoral Commission:

  • Craig Westwood, Director of Communications & Research (CW) 
  • Bob Posner, Director of Political Finance and Regulation & Legal Counsel (BP) 
  • Ellen Wilkie, Communications Officer (EW)