Parliamentary Parties Panel minutes: 3 March 2015

Who was at the meeting

Conservative Party:

  • Andrew Stedman, Compliance Manager 


  • Margaret Lynch, Compliance Manager
  • Mike Creighton, Director of Audit and Risk Management 

Liberal Democrats:

  • David Allworthy, Head of Compliance and Constitutional Support
  • Darren Briddock 

Plaid Cymru:

  • Elin Roberts, Plaid Cymru  

Scottish National Party (Chair):

  • Scott Martin, Scottish National Party 

UK Independence Party:

  • Matthew Richardson, Secretary    

Electoral Commission:

  • Peter Wardle, Chief Executive
  • Andrew Scallan, Director of Electoral Administration
  • Alex Robertson, Director of Communications
  • Bob Posner, Director of Party and Election Finance and Legal Counsel
  • Mazida Khatun, Communications Officer 

Law Commission:

  • Nicholas Paines QC
  • Henni Ouahes
  • David Connolly
  • Gethin Thomas