Parliamentary Parties Panel minutes: 1 September 2015

Who was at the meeting

Conservative Party:

  • Andrew Stedman, Compliance Manager (AS)   


  • Margaret Lynch, Compliance Manager (ML)

Liberal Democrats (Chair):

  • Darren Briddock (DB)
  • Jake Holland (JH) 

Plaid Cymru:

  • Emyr Williams, Plaid Cymru (EW) 

Scottish National Party:

  • Scott Martin, Scottish National Party (SM) 

Electoral Commission:

  • Alex Robertson, Director of Communication (AR)
  • Tom Hawthorn, Head of Electoral Policy (TH)
  • Louise Edwards, Head of Monitoring and Reporting, Party and Election Finance (LE)
  • Karim Aziz, Senior Communications Officer (KA) 

May 2015 polls – Post-election report

There were no comments from the PPP regarding the recommendations made by the Commission in its May 2015 polls post-election report. TH stressed that the Commission was currently focused on getting the UK and Scottish governments to ensure regulations for the 2016 polls are in place in good time.