Parliamentary Parties Panel minutes: 20 February 2018

Who was at the meeting

Conservative Party:

  • Andrew Stedman (AS)
  • Anita Owusu (AO) 


  • Andrew Whyte (AW)
  • Monique Shockness ( MS) 

 Liberal Democrats:

  • David Allworthy (DA)
  • Darren Briddock (DB) 

 Scottish National Party:

  • Scott Martin (SM) 

Electoral Commission:

  • Claire Bassett, Chief Executive
  • Craig Westwood, Director of Communications & Research (CW)
  • Bob Posner, Director of Political Finance and Regulation & Legal Counsel (BP)
  • Denise Bottom, Senior Guidance Adviser (DBM)
  • Laura McLeod Public Affairs Manager (LM)
  • Rob Vincent, Commissioner (RV)