The Parliamentary Advisory Group is made up of senior politicians whose expertise we use to help us consider different issues.

About the group

The group has no formal status, unlike the Parliamentary Parties Panel.

The group aims to meet two to three times a year. It is made up of one MP and one peer from each of the Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties, as well as one MP from the Scottish National Party, one from Plaid Cymru and a Crossbench Peer.

Because of the different regulatory and electoral arrangements in Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland parties are not included.

The group provides us with advice on an ongoing basis through meetings and ad hoc email consultation.

We are not bound by the advice given, nor are the members of the group expected to endorse or otherwise lend support to our policies.


  • The Rt Hon. the Lord Beith (Liberal Democrat)
  • The Lord Bichard KCB (Crossbench)
  • The Rt Hon. Tom Brake MP (Liberal Democrat)
  • Patrick Grady MP (SNP)
  • Dan Jarvis MP (Labour)
  • The Rt Hon. the Lord Robathan (Conservative)
  • Justin Tomlinson MP (Conservative)
  • The Rt Hon. the Lord Wigley (Plaid Cymru)
  • The Rt Hon. the Lord Wills (Labour)
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