Guidance and resources for Returning Officers administering a Greater London Authority election

We have published supplementary guidance to support administrators with preparing for and delivering polls against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.

If you have any questions please contact London Elects.

If you want to download emblems for political parties, visit our online database.

Caveat wording regarding subscribers

The UK government has made legislation to reduce the number of subscribers that are required by each candidate for some elections. We have updated the guidance and resources on this page accordingly. 

Part A

Returning Officer role and responsibilities

This part covers:

  • How to use this guidance
  • The Returning Officer's role, responsibilities, skills and knowledge
  • Our performance standards for Returning Officers
Part B

Planning and organisation

This part covers:

  • Planning (including the identification and training of staff, the selection and booking of venues and management of contractors and suppliers)
  • How to maintain the integrity of the election
  • Raising awareness
  • Access to proceedings by electoral observers and Commission representatives
Part E

Verifying and counting the votes

This part covers:

  • The principles for an effective verification and count
  • Preparations for the count
  • Managing the verification and count
  • Verification and count procedures


Part F

After the declaration of the results

This part covers:

  • Storage and disposal of documents
  • Post-election activities
  • Challenges to the result
  • Review of election procedures
  • Freedom of information requests
GLROs guidance

Guidance for GLROs - Greater London Authority elections

This part covers:

  • The Greater London Returning Officers, responsibilities and knowledge
  • Key planning considerations for the Greater London Returning Officer