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Y corff annibynnol sy'n goruchwylio etholiadau a rheoleiddio cyllid gwleidyddol yn y DU

Dewislen yr adran

Etholiadau lleol a Chynulliad Gogledd Iwerddon

Nid yw’r dudalen hon yn berthnasol i Gymru, ac felly nid yw ar gael yn Gymraeg. Os oes gennych unrhyw gwestiynau ynghylch ein Cynllun Iaith Gymraeg, cysylltwch ag Ymgynghorydd yr Iaith Gymraeg

Elections in Northern Ireland are administered centrally by the Chief Electoral Officer for Northern Ireland who is both the returning officer and registration officer for all elections in Northern Ireland. You can find out more information on the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland’s website.

Our most recent guidance on administering local elections in Northern Ireland was combined with guidance on running Northern Ireland Assembly elections and our instructions for running the referendum on the UK Parliamentary voting system which was held on 5 May 2011. You will find all the guidance and resources we produced for 5 May 2011 polls in Northern Ireland on this page.

If you want to download emblems for political parties, visit our online database.

Guidance on these pages was current on 5 May 2011 and it should not be relied on for polls taking place after that date. If you have questions about the guidance please contact your local Commission team.

Part 1

Planning and organisation

Mae’r rhan hon yn cynnwys:

  • Planning (including the identification and training of staff, the selection and booking of venues and management of contractors and suppliers)
  • How to maintain the integrity of the election
  • Raising awareness
  • Access to proceedings by electoral observers and Commission representatives

Part 1: Planning and organisation (PDF)

Part 3

Absent voting

Mae’r rhan hon yn cynnwys:

  • The absent voting timetable
  • Proxy voting
  • Preparations for absent voting processes and the production of stationery
  • Procedures for the issue, receipt and opening of postal votes

Part 3: Absent voting (PDF)

Part 4

The verification and count

Mae’r rhan hon yn cynnwys:

  • The principles for an effective verification and count
  • Preparations for the count
  • Managing the verification and count
  • Verification and count procedures

Part 4: The verification and count (PDF)

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