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Statement on Scotland in Union

Cyhoeddi: 27 Mar 2018

The Commission has concluded its review of an allegation that donations to Scotland in Union, a registered non-party campaigner, may not have complied with the reporting requirements for donations. The Commission is satisfied that Scotland in Union complied with the reporting requirements for donations as set out in the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

Non-party campaigners are required to report any single donation of over £7,500 that is given for the purposes of spending on regulated campaign activity during the regulated period prior to an election or referendum. Regulated campaign activity is any activity reasonably regarded as intended to influence people to vote for or against one or more political parties, or any particular category of candidates; and is also public facing.

Money given to a non-party campaigner for general purposes, rather than specifically to fund regulated campaign activity, is not covered by the rules on donations.

Scotland in Union has been reminded of the rules in respect of delivering a donation return after elections.

Should further information come to light suggesting breaches of the rules, the Commission would consider this in line with its Enforcement Policy.