You are Party A and enter a pact with Party B, you announce it but you don't campaign

You are party A and you enter into an election pact with Party B. Party B's candidate will stand in the electoral area. You publicise the pact but you do not campaign for Party B or the candidate. You will only be required to consider reporting any spending to do with the public announcement.

You need to look at this spending to work out if it is:

  • your own party spending by you as the party that is standing aside
  • notional spending by you on behalf of the candidate
  • notional spending by you on behalf of the party that is standing a candidate

Where it will be reported depends on the content of the announcement and whether the candidate or party B has made use of it.

Where there is co-ordination of the announcement and it is not spending promoting your party, it is likely that this will be notional spending for the candidate or Party B. This is because they are likely to have made use of it and therefore the rules on notional spending apply.

Last updated: 24 May 2021