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The independent body which oversees elections and regulates political finance in the UK

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Accessibility of elections

There should be no barriers to voting for people with a disability.

Everyone should have the right to vote on their own and in secret.

We want to work with voters and organisations to make sure everyone's experience of voting is as easy as possible.

Here you can watch or listen to our Chief Executive, Claire Bassett, talking about how elections should be accessible for everyone.

Our report – Elections for Everyone

The report is about registering to vote and voting from the view of someone with a disability.

The report tells you about the problems voters with a disability have when they vote and how they would like to see things change for the better.

It also tells you what we think should be done to help make elections more accessible for everyone.

Read our Elections for Everyone report

This report is our response to the Minister for the Constitution’s call for evidence about the accessibility of elections.

Elections and referendums