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Designation of lead campaigners for the EU referendum

On this page you can find who we have designated as lead campaigners for the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union.

Lead campaigners

We have designated The In Campaign Ltd as the lead campaigner for the Remain outcome and Vote Leave Ltd as the lead campaigner for the Leave outcome at the referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union.

The two campaigners will now have access to specific benefits set out in law during the regulated 'referendum period' which begins on 15 April. These include a higher spending limit of £7 million, one free distribution of information to voters, the use of certain public rooms, referendum campaign broadcasts and a grant of up to £600,000.

Campaigner applications

Here you can find the applications submitted by all campaigners seeking designation as lead campaigners and all supporting information they provided.

In accordance with our published process, personal information and information on campaigning strategy has been redacted from the papers.


The In Campaign Ltd (Britain Stronger in Europe)

Designation application (PDF) (including appendices 1-3: objectives and structure, board and advisory board members, supporting statements for designation)

Go Movement Ltd

Designation application cover letter (PDF)

Designation application (PDF)

Appendix 01 (PDF) (legal documents and data, individual supporters from small and medium sized Enterprises, list of local group leaders and towns, list of fully certified members, list of donation members, sample list of newsletter subscribers, sample list of 1,000,000 dialled people, data visualisations of telephone contact, our messengers in full, the Labour Vote)

Appendix 02 (PDF) (media presence)
Appendix 03 (PDF) (media presence)
Appendix 04 (PDF) (media presence)
Appendix 05 (PDF) (media presence)
Appendix 06 (PDF) (media presence)

Emails in support of application (PDF) (13 boxes of these two template emails of support were submitted with the application)

Further evidence

Further evidence - cover letter (PDF)
Further evidence - collaboration agreement (PDF)
Further evidence - declaration (PDF)
Further evidence - outsourcing agreement (PDF)
Further evidence - ToR Board (PDF)
Further evidence - ToR Political and Strategy Committee (PDF)

Our letter to GO Movement Ltd requesting further evidence (PDF)

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Designation application (PDF) (including appendix: TUSC letter to the Electoral Commission)

Vote Leave Ltd

Designation application cover letter (PDF)

Designation application (PDF)

Appendix A1 (PDF) (Vote Leave HQ staff)
Appendix A2 (PDF) (national and regional directors)
Appendix A3 (PDF) (regional business councils)
Appendix A4 (PDF) (board members)

Appendix B1 (PDF) (support from MPs)
Appendix B2 (PDF) (support from MEPs)
Appendix B3 (PDF) (support from Peers)
Appendix B4 (PDF) (support from members of devolved assemblies)
Appendix B5 (PDF) (support from councillors)
Appendix B6 (PDF) (support from prominent individuals)

Appendices C1-C4 (PDF) (C1 (support from political organisations), C2 (support from business organisations), C3 (support from community organisations), C4 (support from academia))

Appendices D1-D3 (PDF) (D1 (media coverage of local and regional business council launches), D2 (media coverage of Vote Leave), D3 (media coverage BME))

Further evidence

Further evidence (PDF)

Our letter to Vote Leave Ltd requesting further evidence (PDF)

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