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Previous European Parliamentary elections

On this page, you will find:

  • links to detailed results of recent European Parliamentary elections
  • public awareness work we carried about ahead of previous polls
  • European election guidance for electoral administrators

European Parliamentary elections 2014

Elections to the European Parliament took place across the UK on Thursday 22 May 2014.

Our report on May 2014 European and local elections 

Our report on the May 2014 European Parliamentary elections in the UK and local elections in England and Northern Ireland found that voter confidence was high but that there are lessons to be learned before future polls.

Nearly nine in ten voters surveyed were confident that the elections were well-run and nearly all were satisfied with their experience of voting

Where to find results for the European Parliamentary elections 

Results are available from the BBC.

Guidance for electoral administrators

We have produced guidance for those who ran European Parliamentary elections in 2014. This guidance includes what to do following the declaration of the result.

Our guidance includes where European Parliamentary elections were combined with local government elections.

Guidance for candidates and agents

We have produced guidance for those who stood for election and their agents on standing for election, information on how to comply with the rules on spending and donations, and what to do after the results. 

Guidance for political parties and campaigners

We have produced guidance for political parties who contested the European Parliamentary elections in 2014 and/or are contesting the UK Parliamentary general election in 2015 on the rules on donations, spending limits, and when the rules apply.

We have also produced specific guidance for non-party campaigners at the 2014 European Parliamentary election.

Reporting on European Parliamentary elections

Following elections we publish reports on how the elections were run.

Elections & referendums