The Electoral Commission

The independent body which oversees elections and regulates political finance in the UK

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Electorate: 5,257,624

Total valid votes: 1,751,026

Turnout: 33.3

Number of postal votes cast: 380,838

Number of proxy votes cast: 3,607

Number of rejected votes: 11,372

Table of detailed results

Party / description Total number of votes cast Percentage of votes cast Number of seats won Elected members
British National Party 86,420 4.9
Christian Party 51,336 2.9
Conservative Party 479,037 27.4 3 Charles Tannock, Syed Kamall, Marina Yannakoudakis
English Democrats 24,477 1.4
Green Party 190,589 10.9 1 Jean Lambert
Jury Team 7,284 0.4
Labour Party 372,590 21.3 2 Claude Moraes, Mary Honeyball
Liberal Democrats 240,156 13.7 1 Sarah Ludford
No2EU: Yes to Democracy 17,758 1.0
Pro Democracy: 8,444 0.5
Socialist Labour 15,306 0.9
Socialist Party of Great Britain 4,050 0.2
UK Independence Party 188,440 10.8 1 Gerard Joseph Batten
Yes to Europe 3,384 0.2
Independent - Alcantara 1,972 0.1
Independent - Cheung 4,918 0.3
Independent - Jananayagam 50,014 2.9
Independent - Rahman 3,248 0.2
Independent - Saad 1,603 0.1
  • Electorate: The number of electors eligible to vote at this election.
  • Valid votes: The total number of valid votes cast.
  • Postal votes counted: The total number of postal votes which went forward to the count after postal ballot verification.
  • Proxies issued: The total number of electors who appointed proxies to vote on their behalf.
  • Rejected ballot: The number of ballot papers which was declared invalid for one or more of the following reasons:
  • the ballot paper did not contain the official mark
  • where the voter had voted for more than the specified number of candidates
  • where the ballot paper contained writing or a mark by which the voter could be identified
  • where the ballot paper was unmarked or where it was unclear what the voter had intended
  • (A ballot paper may also be rejected in part).

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