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Northern Ireland Assembly elections

On this page, you will find links to information about previous Northern Ireland Assembly elections, including results, reports, public awareness work we carried out, and the guidance we produced.

Our report on the March 2017 Northern Ireland Assembly election

Public opinion research for the report suggests that most voters had a positive view of the electoral process and were confident that the election was well-run (86%).

Our report also praises the Chief Electoral Officer for the successful delivery of the election, particularly in light of the short notice given to prepare. It was the first election to the Assembly where all candidates were elected without the need for the count to move into a second day.

Read our report on the March 2017 Northern Ireland Assembly election (PDF)

Our report on the 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly election

Our overall assessment is that the May 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly election was well run. People were satisfied with the process of registering to vote and with the process of voting, whether they cast their vote in person at a polling station or by post. The count was conducted efficiently, with significant improvements in the planning compared to previous elections.

Our report makes ten recommendations covering a broad range of issues. We have asked the UK Government to announce when online registration will be launched in Northern Ireland and to extend our performance standards framework to Northern Ireland. We have also repeated our call for legislation to be introduced that will allow us to publish information on how political parties in Northern Ireland are funded.

Read our 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly election report (PDF)

Results of recent elections in Northern Ireland

Results of the 2017 and 2016 elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly are available from the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland.

2017 election results | 2016 election results

Reporting on Northern Ireland Assembly elections

Following elections we publish reports on how the elections were run.

Read our report on how the 2011 Northern Ireland Assembly elections were run (PDF)

Information for electoral administrators

Before elections in Northern Ireland, we produce guidance for those running the election. This guidance includes what to do before the poll, how to verify the count and what to do following the declaration of the result.

Find our most recent guidance for Northern Ireland Assembly elections

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