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Scottish Parliamentary elections

On this page, you will find links to information about previous Scottish Parliamentary elections, including results, reports, public awareness work we carried out, and the guidance we produced.

2016 Scottish Parliament election report

Our assessment is that the 2016 Scottish Parliament election was well-run. Our public opinion research found that most voters believed the election to be well-run and were satisfied with the experience of registering and voting. The help and support available inside polling places was highly regarded by voters.

While the election was well-run, we have made a number of recommendations in our report aimed at ensuring that we have a modern electoral process which keeps pace with the changing needs, and demands, of society. This includes developing a consolidated, simplified, updated and improved set of laws (made in Scotland for the administration of devolved elections) to enable elections to be run much more efficiently and cost-effectively than at present.

Results of 2016 election in Scotland

Results of the 2016 election to the Scottish Parliament are available from the Scottish Parliament website.

You can also find Scottish Parliament election results on the BBC website.

Results of 2011 election in Scotland

You can use our interactive tool to view a summary of overall seats won at the elections held in Scotland in 2011. You can also view detailed results for a particular constituency.

Reporting on Scottish Parliamentary elections

Following elections we publish reports on how the elections were run.

Information for electoral administrators

Before elections in Scotland, we produce guidance for those running the election. This guidance includes what to do before the poll, how to verify the count and what to do following the declaration of the result.

Elections and referendums