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Mitcham & Morden

Results for Mitcham & Morden Show national results

Winning candidate: S.A. McDonagh

Majority: 12,560

Electorate: 65,148

Total number of votes cast: 39,868

Adjusted turnout: 61.2

Number of postal votes cast: 4,240

Number of proxy votes cast: 83

Number of rejected votes: 128

Parliamentary seats won

  • S.A. McDonagh, Labour (56.4%)
  • D.A. Shellhorn, Conservative (24.9%)
  • J.A.E. Christie-Smith, Liberal Democrat (14%)
  • T.J. Walsh, Green (3.5%)
  • A.K.J. Roberts, Veritas (0.7%)
  • R. Alagaratnam, (0.5%)

Table of detailed results

Candidate surname Candidate initials Party / description Votes (no) Percentage of votes won
McDonagh S.A. Labour 22,489 56.4
Shellhorn D.A. Conservative 9,929 24.9
Christie-Smith J.A.E. Liberal Democrat 5,583 14
Walsh T.J. Green 1,395 3.5
Roberts A.K.J. Veritas 286 0.7
Alagaratnam R. 186 0.5
  • Electorate: The number of electors eligible to vote at this election.
  • Valid votes: The total number of valid votes cast.
  • Postal votes counted: The total number of postal votes which went forward to the count after postal ballot verification.
  • Proxies issued: The total number of electors who appointed proxies to vote on their behalf.
  • Rejected ballot: The number of ballot papers which was declared invalid for one or more of the following reasons:
  • the ballot paper did not contain the official mark
  • where the voter had voted for more than the specified number of candidates
  • where the ballot paper contained writing or a mark by which the voter could be identified
  • where the ballot paper was unmarked or where it was unclear what the voter had intended
  • (A ballot paper may also be rejected in part).

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