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2017 UK general election campaign


  1. Advertising
  2. Partnerships and public relations
  3. What others did to promote voter registration
  4. Campaign performance

Targets and performance

Our aim was for as many people as possible to be added to the electoral register, with specific targets set for the number of additions to the register during the campaign period.

Additions targets and performance

We exceeded our additions targets for the campaign, with a total of 970,800 against a target of 606,100.

Country Additions to the register targets Additions - results* % of target achieved
England 526,500 856,000 162%
Scotland 48,500 57,000 116%
Wales 26,500 45,000 167%
Northern Ireland 4,600 12,800 278%
Total 606,100 970,800 160%

*Estimated number of people added to the register between 8 and 22 May. These figures are based on data provided by local authorities and the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland. They have been rounded to the nearest 1000 for Great Britain and the nearest hundred for Northern Ireland.

1.9million applications to register were submitted across Great Britain during our campaign period. However, not all of those who apply are ultimately added to the electoral register, because the person may be registered already, be ineligible or their identity cannot be verified.

The online registration system currently enables people to submit an application even if they are already on the electoral register and this increases the workload for staff processing these applications. We have recommended the Government improves the online system so that people can learn if they are already registered to vote and therefore don’t apply again. Until improvements are made we will continue to do what we can in our campaigns and across our communications channels to help people understand when they actually need to register and when they don’t.

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