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2017 UK general election campaign


  1. Advertising
  2. Partnerships and public relations
  3. What others did to promote voter registration
  4. Campaign performance


Roll Call e-newsletter and resources

Our Roll Call branding

We catalysed broader activity through our growing partner network, making resources available to local authorities, charities and NGOs through frequent editions of our ‘Roll Call’ e-newsletter.

During the campaign we had over 1,200 subscribers, with an open rate of 36%, well above industry benchmarks. Our resources for partner organisations were downloaded from our Your Vote Matters website a combined total of 4,400 times.

We received feedback that the resources we produced were highly useful to our stakeholders who had limited time to plan their own activity.

Social media platforms

We know from past campaigns that partnerships with social media companies are highly effective due to their reach, particularly among young people. As such, we sought them out as a way of extending our reach in the limited time available:

  • Facebook once again ran their hugely successful voter registration reminder in the newsfeeds of all their UK users.
  • We worked with Snapchat to deliver a lens (a real-time effect added to the image) and a filter (added after the photo or video has been captured) which featured a voter registration reminder.
  • With hyper-local social network Nextdoor we promoted a voter registration message to users across their platform.
  • We also formed a wholly new partnership with Instagram, with a voter registration reminder going out to their users in the UK.


We worked with Mencap to develop an Easy Read guide to voting at the UK general election.

The guide contained accessible information on how to register to vote, how to vote and what support is available for disabled voters who need help. We promoted the guide with Mencap through social media, and by issuing a joint press release.

We worked with Mencap Cymru, Learning Disability Wales and Enable Scotland in their relevant areas of the UK to help promote accessible resources for people with a learning disability.

CLIC Sargent, who work with young cancer patients, reached out to the young people they support to encourage them to register to vote.

They developed guidance on how to register and vote, sent an email about registering to vote to 30,000 supporters, ran a survey to identify what issues are important to them and supported this with blogs by young people affected by cancer about the importance of voting.

Democracy Club

In partnership with Democracy Club, we provided information on all candidates standing in the UK and on polling station locations for a majority of the country, via our Your Vote Matters website. Facebook also integrated this data into their voter information portal.

Democracy Club’s candidate data was searched over 660,000 times, and their polling station data served 1.8million users around the UK general election.

They also updated their data with elected candidates throughout the night as results were declared.

From the point candidate information was added to our site on 23 May, our postcode lookup function was used 390,000 times to find candidate or polling station information, or local authority contact details.

Public relations

We focused on local and regional broadcast radio, using interviews with Electoral Commission staff to stress the immediacy of the need to register.

This generated extensive PR coverage at the ‘one week to go’ point before the registration deadline, as well as on polling day itself.

We capitalised on the publicity generated by the election to gain coverage in publications that might not usually carry information about voter registration, such as Marie Claire and Good Housekeeping, reaching out to a broader audience.

We were also able to use our partnership with social media platform Snapchat to generate news coverage, as this was the first time that this had run for a UK-wide poll.

Media story about our partnership with SnapchatA story run by Good Housekeeping about the UK general election

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