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Research and reports

On this page you can read our latest research and reports about electoral registration.

You can utilise our evaluation reports and electoral registration research to inform your own public awareness activities.

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Public awareness evaluation reports

Since 2015 we have produced an annual report to review our public awareness campaigns to promote voter registration.


We have published evaluation of our campaigns ahead of the May 2017 local elections in Great Britain and the 2017 UK Parliamentary election.

These summarise activity undertaken by the Electoral Commission and other organisations, and analyse the results achieved.

Read our May 2017 local elections campaign evaluation

Read our 2017 UK Parliamentary election evaluation


Our 2016 evaluation report, published on 13 September, is a review of the public awareness activity conducted by the Electoral Commission and other organisations ahead of the 5 May elections across the UK and the EU Referendum.

We hope that this report will help lessons to be shared and applied to future campaigns aimed at encouraging participation in elections and referendums.


Our 2015 report reviews the public awareness activity driving voter registration and provides an assessment of the performance of our public awareness campaign ahead of the May 2015 UK Parliamentary General Election and the local government elections in England.

Reports on electoral registers

These reports measure the quality of the electoral registers in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The quality of the electoral registers are measured through two criteria – accuracy and completeness.

Great Britain and Northern Ireland have two different electoral registration systems so our research is therefore conducted separately.

Great Britain

Our latest report was published in July 2016 and found that the overall accuracy of electoral registers in Great Britain has increased following the completion of the move to Individual Electoral Registration (IER) in December 2015.

Our research reports that the local government registers on 1 December 2015 were 91% accurate and 84% complete.

Read our country factsheets on the December 2015 electoral registers:

Northern Ireland

Our report on the December 2015 electoral registers in Northern Ireland was published on Wednesday 7 September.

The report finds that the UK Parliamentary register in Northern Ireland in December 2015 was 87% accurate and 81% complete. The local government register was 87% accurate and 79% complete.

You can read our past accuracy and completeness reports and find other useful electoral research in our research section.

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