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Overview of donations and loans since 2001

There are rules controlling the donations and loans that political parties receive and they must report larger donations and loans to us. In Great Britain, we publish these donation and loan reports on our online database to ensure there is transparency about the funding of parties. This page provides a summary of donations and public funds since 2001 (when the legislation came into force).

Table 1: Donations and public funds trend from quarter 1 2001

Total amount of reportable donations and public funds accepted by registered political parties in Great Britain since quarter 1 2001. Figures are subject to change if donations are reported late in future quarters.

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Chart 1: Donations trend to political parties since 2001

This chart shows the trend of all reportable donations received by political parties from 2001 to date. Public funds and donations from impermissible and unidentifiable donors are not included.

Please note that the thresholds for reporting donations changed in Quarter 1 2010.

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Chart 2: Donations received by year broken down by party

This chart shows the annual totals of donations reported since 2001, broken down by party.

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