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Register of non-party campaigners

Non-party campaigners are individuals or organisations that campaign in the run-up to elections, but are not standing as political parties or candidates. A non-party campaigner may, for example, be a campaigning organisation, a charity, a faith group, a company or an individual.

Non-party campaigners who spend or plan to spend more than £20,000 in England or £10,000 in any of Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland on regulated campaign activity must register with us and follow the rules on campaign spending, donations and reporting. We regulate those rules.

Non-party campaigners can register with us at any time before or during a regulated period.

You can find out who is registered with us as a non-party campaigner by searching the register here.

What organisations can register as non-party campaigners?

Under electoral law, only certain types of individuals or organisations can register with us as a non-party campaigner. More information about the types of organisation which can register as a non-party campaigner can be found in our Registering with us as a non-party campaigner guidance.

We publish the type of organisation on the register. If a non-party campaigner is more than one type of organisation, non-party campaigners themselves choose which type of organisation to register with us. For example, if a charity is established as a company and registers with the Electoral Commission as a company, it will be shown on the register as a company.

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