Guidance for regulated individuals

Members of registered parties and holders of relevant elective office must follow certain rules set out in legislation. On this page you will find guidance to help you comply with the rules. You do not have to follow this guidance, but if you do, you will normally be doing enough to comply with the law.

How we can help

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Latest updates

Changes to the confidentiality rules on donations and loans to Northern Ireland regulated donees: regulated individuals (members of political parties and holders of elective office) and regulated organisations (members associations).


The Transparency of Donations and Loans etc. (Northern Ireland Political Parties) Order 2018 was made on 7 March 2018.

It changes the rules on the confidentiality of donations and loans to Northern Ireland political parties and regulated donees (members of registered political parties, members associations, and holders of relevant elective office such as MPs, MEPs, MLAs and councillors).

Find out more on the changes to the law in our factsheet (PDF)

Our guidance has been updated, and we will be publishing revised versions of the donations returns and loans reports forms to reflect the changes to the legislation.

Donations and loans reporting

Members of the UK Parliament

For guidance on receiving donations and entering into loans please see:

Donations and loans to Members of the UK Parliament (PDF)

Holders of elective office and members of registered political parties

You must check that all donations and loans received that are worth more than £500 are from a permissible source. If you receive any impermissible donations worth more than £500, you must report them to us. Please report to us all donations and loans that are worth more than £1,500.

We provide different forms and guidance for regulated donees depending on whether they are based in Great Britain and Northern Ireland: