Guidance and resources for candidates and their agents at Senedd elections

This guidance has now been updated in advance of the May 2021 polls.

It has been developed based on the legislation as it currently stands and so it may be subject to change. We will update and republish the guidance as appropriate once the legislation is clear.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Commission team.

An overview document gives instructions on how to use this guidance and who does what at these elections:



Part 1

Can you stand for election?

This part covers:

  • Qualifications required to stand for election
  • Disqualifications
Part 2a

Standing at the constituency election

This part covers:

  • Completing and submitting nomination papers

  • Being nominated in more than one area

  • What happens after the close of nominations?

  • Appointing your election agent and other agents

Part 5

Your right to attend key electoral events

This part covers:

  • Attending the opening of postal votes and what to expect
  • Attending polling stations and what to expect
  • Attending the count and what to expect
Part 6

After the declaration of results

This part covers:

  • Making the declaration of acceptance of office
  • Access to election paperwork
  • Submitting your spending returns and declarations
  • Questioning the result through an election petition