Guidance and resources for Returning Officers administering European Parliamentary elections

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We have published our guidance for the European Parliamentary elections.

While currently these elections are not due to take place in the UK, this guidance advises Returning Officers administering European Parliamentary elections on the rules should the elections go ahead.

The elections will take place in other EU Member States between Thursday 23 and Sunday 26 May 2019. For the purposes of this guidance, we have assumed that, should the elections go ahead in the UK, polling day would be Thursday 23 May.

Part A

(Local) Returning Officer role and responsibilities

This part covers:

  • How to use this guidance
  • The legislative and electoral framework
  • Roles and responsibilities
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Part B

Planning and organisation

This part covers:

  • Planning (including the identification and training of staff, the selection and booking of venues and management of contractors and suppliers)
  • How to maintain the integrity of the election
  • Raising awareness
  • Access to proceedings by electoral observers and Commission representatives
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Part E

Verifying and counting the votes

This part covers:

  • The principles for an effective verification and count
  • Preparations for the count
  • Managing the verification and count
  • Verification and count procedures
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Part F

After the declaration of result

This part covers:

  • Storage and disposal of documents
  • Post-election activities
  • Challenges to the result
  • Review of election procedures
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See also:

Regional Returning Officer's guidance

Guidance for Regional Returning Officers

This part covers:

  • The Regional Returning Officer's role, responsibilities and knowledge
  • Our guidance and performance standards for Regional Returning Officers
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