May 2021 elections: Resources to raise awareness of voting options

Overview of resources

Planning continues for elections in England, Scotland and Wales in May 2021 in light of COVID-19.

These are resources for local councils (and other organisations engaging with voters) to raise awareness of the range of voting options available to voters. These resources are designed to ensure voters know their options, are prepared to vote in May 2021, and that local councils have time to process postal and proxy vote applications.

The materials focus on three key messages:

  1. polling stations will be safe places to vote
  2. there are a range of voting options (in person, by post or by proxy)
  3. those who would prefer to vote by post should apply early

There are formats for social media, web banners (MPUs) and printed posters focusing on each message individually, as well a version covering all three of the key messages.

There are also template press releases and an FAQ document.


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