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Our procurement process

Our procurement practices

Our procurement practices and procedures recognise the principles of 'best value', ensuring the delivery of cost effective and efficient services. All our goods, services and works are procured in an open and transparent manner.

How we select suppliers

Supplier selection is based on the best overall demonstration of value for money.

Before deciding if a supplier has demonstrated the best overall value for money in a tender, we consider quality, reliability, experience, timely delivery and price.

What suppliers must demonstrate

In a tender submission, potential suppliers must demonstrate their financial, commercial and technical capability to fully meet the requirements of the contract.

We will also take account of tenderers’ past performance with similar contracts, both with ourselves and other organisations.

Additionally, we will be looking for a clear demonstration of commitment to equal opportunities in employment, the environment and safe systems of working.


We may request references from previous or existing customers, bankers and business information companies. Additionally, site reference visits may be arranged in conjunction with the tenderer and nominated referees.

Our procurement procedures

The value of a contract determines the procedures that we must follow. These include:

  • written quotes
  • full competitive tender exercise
  • a procurement process in line with European Union (EU) procurement directives

We sometimes undertake services of a specialist and demanding nature at very short notice. External stakeholders often dictate these instances. In these circumstances, we source suitable suppliers from existing framework agreements.

The number of individuals or companies invited to tender will vary with the nature of the procurement exercise and the availability of suitably qualified suppliers.

In many cases, due to the vast interest shown by interested parties we will undertake a pre-qualification process.

How we advertise contracts

As well as placing contract notices on our website and Contractsfinder, we advertise all high value contracts that exceed the EU financial thresholds in the supplement of the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU).

Information for suppliers