The rules only apply in the period before certain elections. We call this the ‘regulated period’. In this period, if you spend over a threshold on regulated activity in a particular part of the UK, then you must register with us.

If your total regulated spending stays below these thresholds in each part of the UK, you do not need to register.

Part of the UK Registration threshold
England  £20,000
Scotland £10,000
Wales £10,000
Northern Ireland £10,000

If your regulated spending goes over one of the thresholds, then rules apply on spending, donations and reporting, and you must register with us. It is an offence to spend more than the threshold without being registered first.

For more information on registering with us, see 

In addition, please contact our advice teams who are always happy to provide you with specific advice on the need to register. 

Attributing your spending to the different parts of the UK

Last updated: 24 May 2021