Staff costs and other overheads

You will need to include staff costs, as well as other overheads, where they are associated with your regulated activities.

Staff costs that are associated with your organisation’s general, non-campaign related activities do not count as regulated campaign spending.

If you have a member of staff working on regulated campaign activity as well as your organisation’s other work, you will need to count a proportion of the staff salary which reflects the time spent working on regulated campaign activities.

If your organisation already has an established way of apportioning these costs, you may decide to calculate staff costs incurred in relation to regulated campaign activities in the same way.

In each case you should make an honest and reasonable assessment of the amount you have spent, based on the facts. You should be able to explain what the assessment is based on.

Examples of calculating staff costs and overheads:

Example 1

A member of staff estimates that they spent half of their time working on regulated activity during the regulated period.

You treat half of what you pay that staff member during the regulated period as regulated spending.

Eg2 staff costs

Example 2

You are planning an online campaign that will meet the purpose and public tests.From your budgeting and team planning you have estimated in advance that your Campaigns team will spend 20% of their time working on it for three months of the regulated period.

If this estimate turns out to be correct, you count 20% of the staff costs for the Campaigns team for three months towards the spending on that online campaign.

Eg 3 staff costs

Example 3

Carrying out a canvassing campaign, your office telephone bills increase.

The increase in the telephone costs counts towards the regulated spending for your campaign.

You could estimate this increase by looking at your telephone bill at the same time last year, and calculating the extra you have spent this year.

Last updated: 24 May 2021