Non-party campaigners: Where to start

What are the rules for non-party campaigners?

There are two types of non-party campaigns. These are: 

General campaigns Local campaigns

Campaigns for or against:

  • one or more political parties
  • parties or candidates that support or do not support particular policies
  • other categories of candidate


Campaigns for or against:

  • one or more candidates
  • in a particular constituency, ward or other electoral area



Local campaigns

Local campaigns are subject to a spending limit. For example, the limit for campaigning for or against one or more candidates in a constituency in a UK Parliamentary general election is £700.

The Electoral Commission does not regulate local non-party campaigning and this guidance does not cover the local campaign rules in detail.

Complaints about breaches of the local campaign rules should be made to the police.

General campaigns

The Electoral Commission regulates general non-party campaigns.

Spending on the following activities can be regulated:

  • election material
  • canvassing and market research
  • public rallies or public events
  • press conferences or other media events 
  • transport in connection with publicising your campaign

The rest of this guidance document is about the general campaign rules.

Last updated: 24 May 2021