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Electoral register data

The Commission undertakes the collection and analysis of data relating to electoral registration to allow us to support Electoral Registration Officers (EROs) in delivering high-quality services. This data and analysis also informs our understanding of the effectiveness of the system of registration, and ensures we are able to make evidence based recommendations for future changes to the system.

To see the latest findings see our Analysis of the December 2016 electoral registers in the United Kingdom (PDF) and the 2016 electoral registration data (XLS).

To access historic reports and data, see our Research report library.


You can use the interactive map below to see number of entries and change against December 2015 for all local authorities in GB.

You can filter the results to see:

  • The total number of register entries (local government) in December 2016 – Total entries
  • The change in total entries against the revised register published in December 2015 – Total entries change vs December 2015
  • The number of attainers on each electoral register (local government) in December 2016 – Attainers
  • The change in number of attainers against the revised register published in December 2015 – Attainers change vs December 2015