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The independent body which oversees elections and regulates political finance in the UK

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Audit Committee

What does the Audit Committee do?

The Committee offers objective advice and ensures that we have the best risk, control and governance processes in place. They also act on behalf of the Commissioners to provide them with assurance on these issues.

The Audit Committee supports our Accounting Officer (the Chief Executive of the Electoral Commission) in carrying out their formal accountability responsibilities.

Audit Committee members

There are three members of the Audit Committee from among our Commissioners appointed by our Board. In addition, the Board appoints an Independent Advisor who acts by common consent as the Chair of the Audit Committee, and who has no other connection with the Commission.

A representative of the National Audit Office and our Head of Internal Audit have the right to attend any meeting of the Commissioners.

Members of the Audit Committee serve for three years, unless they cease to be a Commissioner or ask to stand down. They may be re-appointed for a further period not exceeding three years.

Current members of the Audit Committee

  • Dean Parker CIPFA (Independent Advisor and Chair)
  • Dame Sue Bruce (Commissioner)
  • Tony Hobman (Commissioner)
  • Alasdair Morgan (Commissioner)

Other attendees

Our Accounting Officer, Director of Finance and Corporate Services and Head of Finance, together with representatives of the National Audit Office and Internal Audit, will normally attend meetings of the Audit Committee. The Committee may ask any other member of our staff to attend meetings.

Audit Committee meeting minutes

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