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The independent body which oversees elections and regulates political finance in the UK

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Salaries over £60,000

On this page you can find:

  • names, job titles and salaries of Electoral Commission staff with salaries over £60,000
  • details of staff at salary bands below £60,000

Salaries over £60,000 as at 30 September 2017

Name Job title Annual pay rate (£)* Location
Claire Bassett Chief Executive Officer 132,613London
Carolyn Hughes DCE & Director of Finance and Corporate Services 103,875London
Craig Westwood Director of Communications and Research 98,475London
Bob Posner Director of Political Finance and Regulation 98,105London
Ailsa Irvine Director of Electoral Administration and Guidance 98,105London
Louise Footner Head of Legal and Secretariat 70,000–74,999** London
Louise Edwards Head of Regulation 70,000–74,999 London
John Holmes Chair 69,700** London
Sheilja Shah Senior Regulatory Lawyer 65,000–69,999** London
Tom Hawthorn Head of Policy 65,000–69,999 London
Emma Hartley Head of Campaigns and Corporate Communications 60,000–64,999 London
Peter Evans Head of Strategic Planning and Resourcing 60,000–64,999 London
Phil Thompson Head of Research 60,000–64,999 London
Andy O'Neill Head of Electoral Commission, Scotland 60,000–64,999 Outside London
Mel Davidson Head of Support and Improvement 60,000–64,999 London
Rupert Grist Senior Lawyer 60,000–64,999 London
Rhydian Thomas Head of Electoral Commission, Wales 60,000–64,999 Outside London
Ann Watt Head of Electoral Commission, Northern Ireland 60,000–64,999** Outside London
Jo Crofton-Diggins Head of Information Communication and Technology 60,000–64,999** London
Katy ThomasInterim Head of Strategic Planning and Resourcing60,000–64,999London
Ben WilkinsonHead of External Communications60,000–64,999London

* including taxable benefits and allowances

** Part-time hours

Details of salary bands below £60,000

Job level Number of staff Salary banding (£)
Manager / Senior Adviser 37 40,000–59,999
Senior Adviser / Officer 22 32,000–39,999
Adviser / Officer 28 25,000–31,999
Assistant 7 20,000–24,999


Actual salaries for the Chair and Executive team are published in our annual resource accounts, therefore actuals are shown above for these staff.

We do not use Senior Civil Service (SCS) grades.

All figures are Full-Time Equivalent.

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