Terms of reference: Wales Electoral Practitioners Working Group


The Working Group will provide a forum for the discussion of electoral matters in Wales, bringing together officials from the Electoral Commission, Wales and Regional Representatives of the Association of Electoral Administrators in Wales.

The group will focus its discussions on the delivery of elections and electoral registration in Wales and provide an opportunity for information to be disseminated and share experiences on electoral matters.


  • to provide a regular opportunity for discussion between the Commission and the AEA Wales
  • to help ensure the consistency and effective delivery of electoral registration in Wales
  • to help ensure the consistency and effective delivery of elections management in Wales
  • to provide information on UK wide initiatives concerning electoral matters
  • to disseminate and discuss Electoral Commission guidance
  • to share and agree good practices
  • to listen to the views of electoral administrators in Wales on all these matters
  • to ensure that issues which emerge in relation to electoral practice are responded to appropriately


The Working Group meetings will be chaired jointly by the Head of the Electoral Commission, Wales and the Chair of AEA Wales.

In the absence of either Chair, a representative will be chosen to chair the meeting.

The membership of the group will comprise:

  • the Chair of AEA, Wales
  • deputy Chair of AEA, Wales
  • the Regional Chairs of AEA, Wales
  • Electoral Commission staff

If a Regional Chair of AEA cannot attend, they should appoint a Deputy to attend in their place.

The Working Group will also invite others to join the meeting on an ad hoc basis to contribute to specific discussions (for example representatives from third sector, other government departments or commercial providers).

The Working Group’s work will be co-ordinated with the work of:

  • the Elections Coordination and Advisory Group
  • the Elections, Referendums and Registration Working Group
  • the Elections and Referendums Communication Network
  • the Integrity Round Table
  • Wales Election Planning Group


The Working Group will meet between three and four times per year.

Meetings will generally take place at the Electoral Commission Wales offices, though other venues may be agreed by members. Consideration will be given to using video-conferencing facilities when possible to avoid unnecessary travel.

The secretariat will be provided by the Electoral Commission who will make arrangements for scheduling meetings, arranging venues, preparing the
agenda and notes of the meetings. Notes of meetings will be made available to AEA Wales members by the Chair of AEA Wales.

Members of the Working Group will be asked to suggest agenda items and the agenda will be agreed ahead of each meeting.

Papers will be circulated to Working Group members at least five working days in advance of meetings.

Last updated: 28 August 2020
Next review: 25 November 2020