Minutes: Welsh Language Legislation Advisory Group 18 October 2017

Minutes: Welsh Language Legislation Advisory Group 18 October 2017

Date: Wednesday 18 October 2017

Who was at the meeting

Agreeing on the starting point and the programme of work

BM asked what the priority was and what is going to be most useful on the round, and where the group could be most effective.

A discussion was had and SW mentioned the Electoral Commission's glossary of terms, which had been created jointly with the Welsh Government in 2007. SW to send this to the group.

It was agreed that ensuring accuracy and consistency between forms etc was a priority. Therefore it was decided that creating a fixed and standard glossary of terms would be a starting point and then looking at the forms to ensure that they are consistent with the terms.

It was agreed that the Assembly elections legislation should be scrutinised first, and the way of ensuring that no form is missed was to follow the election schedule from the announcement of the election.


  • SW to send a glossary of terms to the group for their information
  • LM to contact Government translators to reconcile the Electoral commission's glossary of terms with the Government's glossary - SW/LM to coordinate this, with the intention of having a final glossary by the end of November
  • The group to create a list of Assembly election forms in order to be assessed
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