Scottish Parliament Political Parties Panel minutes: 19 May 2021

Who was at the meeting

Pre-poll and electoral registration

Kate Crawford (KC) said that the early scenario planning had proved to be very successful. Scottish Government funding and getting the Household Notification Letter (HNL) out in February had helped to move the spike for postal vote applications earlier, as did the TV ad which EROs ran across Scotland. Uptake from foreign nationals and prisoners had been good though still some confusion about eligibility.

Fiona O’Donnell (FOD) asked if the 6 April early cut-off date in Scotland had been needed. KC said it had made the process manageable and the number of applications received after the deadline had been at the lower end of what they expected. On the subject of accessibility, FOD asked if there was evidence it had been more effective than in previous elections. KC ran through the approach they had taken with those in care homes. FOD said one area in Glasgow had a disappointing level of postal votes. KC said most of the permanent postal vote applications had been fresh registrations.

Last updated: 11 October 2021
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