Campaign spending at the Scottish referendum


Under the Scottish Independence Referendum Act, registered campaigners were required to complete campaign spending returns if they spent more than £10,000 on their campaign.

If they spent £10,000 or less they were required to submit nil campaign expenditure returns

Forty-two organisations and individuals registered with as campaigners at the referendum. Altogether, the forty-two campaigners reported spending £6,664,950 on campaigning at the referendum.

Five registered campaigners reported spending of more than £250,000 campaigning in the regulated period, from 30 May 2014 until 18 September 2014, spending a total of £5,230,642.

Campaigners spending more than £250,000 were required to submit an independently audited return to the Commission by 18 March 2015.

View our report on the regulation of campaigners at the Scottish independence referendum.

Last updated: 9 August 2021
Next review: 28 July 2020